It was like a fairy tale in which a cat turns into a dog or a man into an ass. At Cricklewood Broadway, I got into a bus which was purportedly a no. 16. I was going to Marble Arch. I got into a bus at Cricklewood Broadway, 2 stops from the beginning. The 32 goes from Edgware Road to Kilburn & the 16 goes from Cricklewood Station to Victoria. Both routes are more or less a straight line & down a straight road.


However it turned right at the point at which the no. 32 bus turns off the main road. I said, oh no he doesn’t know the way. (I was already late I suppose – ) I said to one of the other passengers, this is a no16, isn’t it? She said yes. The other passengers went downstairs to remonstrate with him, I got off to get another bus. I suppose my generation takes the attitude on the whole, that really there is nothing one can do. What happened in the end. Well, for whatever reason, presumably the driver had instructions over the radio to turn the 32 into a 16 & well really there was nothing he could about it.


Edgware Road – the middle of it near the underpass is being dug up, the buses are being diverted. Monday I walked down from the underpass to Marble Arch

& picked up the no10 bus from there.


Yesterday I picked up the 16 bus again – this time it remained a 16 bus all the way. Edgware Road is still being dug up. I guess it’ll remain being dug up & whatever is the problem for – well – months. This time the bus turned right into Bishops Bridge Road, went over Bishops Bridge, left into Eastbourne Terrace & then left into Praed Street. It went down Praed Street, past St Mary’s Hospital. When the bus came out again on the Edgware Road after a detour of about 2 miles, the total distance further down Edgware Road being about 10 yards. There was a logjam of buses across the road & into Great Chapel Street. The driver somewhat reluctantly, I must say, opened the door by the District Line tube station.


Wednesday, I went on the tube. There was something wrong with the Jubilee Line. Apparently (or so they told us) there had been a power failure at Finchley Road & that was where the train was terminating. I later learned that passengers at Green Park earlier on had had to walk through another tube train which was hitched onto the train they were on, which had broken down. Everybody was calm, I heard. But it sounds frightening. On Thursday I used a route involving the Bakerloo Line. There was something wrong with that I gathered but in fact that part of the journey was ok.


Saturday, I was at home in the evening, listening to the radio. There was a bad fire in Camden, in the Chalk Farm area. We do seem somewhat accident prone in this country.

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