I have recently started playing the Japanese game of Go. 4,000 years old, I believe, it was invented in China to keep the emperor’s children, but these days, it is more of a Japanese game.

I heard about the game after watching the wonderful film the Go Master (it isn’t everybody’s opinion that the film is so wonderful  – this must be admitted) at the London Film Festival the year before last.

I was wondering about the game itself & did meet one or two people who had played it. But was none the wiser for that. Finally after showing of the film at the ICA 2 or 3 months ago, I did learn. Peter & Sheila Wendes who are officials with the British Go Association


and who make a living from teaching the game, teach in schools, were giving a demonstration of the game. At first sight the game is nothing, just a big collection of squares with counters. But in fact it is far more complex; bewilderingly so.

I have been playing the game for 2 or 3 months intermittently.

When I play, often, just at the moment I think I am winning & about to take lots of stones from the board, I realise that I am totally lost.

If you look at this link


and click on about CLGC

and look at the picture immediately below where it says contacting members, it is me on the right hand side. Since the taking of this photograph I have had my hair shawn but it is me.

This is the wiki entry for it.


In Go, the stones (as the pieces are called) never move. It is a war game; a game of territory. Stones do disappear, are taken, but it is territory that is important. At the end of the game, the territory is added up & the player with most amount of territory is the winner.

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  1. freespeechoneeach says:

    Thanks for this. Go is a game I’ve tried, and failed to master, several times. I have a (free) Go programme on my ‘puter called Goban, which works well on my Mac, and proves over and again how little I understand the processes involved!

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