Atom Bomb Game

We have a project making a film of what is known as the Atom Bomb Game .


When the Enola Gay flew over Japan on their fateful journey of destruction, underneath them & a few miles from Hiroshima a big Go tournament was taking place. They, the participants, assumed that because there were just the three planes that it was just a reconnaissance & the tournament carried on as before.


Go is about 4,000 years old. Originally it was a Chinese game invented to keep the Emperor’s son occupied.


But it has become a Japanese  game, the Japanese game, in Japan, Go players are stars, recognised & admired wherever they go.


Go is a war game but is a game of protocol & manners. After World War II & the cessation of hostilities it became & an instrument of peace. One of the participants took the game abroad. Today the Game Go is played all over the World & is one of the Brain games, together with chess & draughts. But Go is the most complicated.


The story of the Atom Bomb is engrained in the history & culture of modern Japan. It is an amazing story. It is surprising that the story of the Atom Bomb game hasn’t been told before. We at InFactuation, together our friends & mentors Peter & Sheila Wendes are resolved to make this film.


We will need to raise some money for this.


If anyone has ideas about funding or indeed anything else, perhaps they would like to contact  me at or or Peter at

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