City of Life & Death

Yesterday I saw the film City of Life & Death about the
rape of Nanking. Over a period of 6 weeks in 1937, more than 200,000 people were

The order had come from above to kill everybody. There were
such acts of bestiality as putting Chinese soldiers inside a wooden building
& then setting fire to it & throwing grenades inside. Burying men
alive. Going inside a hospital & killing the wounded, killing a young woman
because the soldier in question didn’t like her singing, forcing Chinese women
to become prostitutes for Japanese soldiers. Nobody was immune.  Such is war.  In fact the worst aspects of the massacre were
left out.

War has always been violent & unregulated. The Romans
used to enslave those they conquered as indeed did every other race who waged
war. The Mongols used to kill all of those they conquered. The Germans have the
holocaust. We have the slave trade. The Israelis have Gaza.  And then there is Rwanda & Darfur etc etc.

Sitting through this film was a harrowing experience. It was
a timely reminder of the horrors of war & mans inhumanity to man.

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