Classical music

It is all
the vogue to play it. Classical music on tube stations. Classical music ringtones
or anything. I do not hold to the opinion that classical music on tube stations
& other public places is a bad thing, that it degrades the music. I applaud it. In fact I applaud anything which
popularises classical music. The other day I was listening at Oval station to
the penultimate movement of the Beethoven 9 & earlier on today I heard Mozart’s
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in a shop. It uplifted me, even though  neither are my
favourite composers. It uplifts me endlessly. Sometimes I just stand &
listen. I have heard Beethoven & Handel as you come out of the cold into
the station & your very being is warmed by lovely music. Much of the time
your ears are assailed by music which I can only describe as vile.

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One Response to Classical music

  1. freespeechoneeach says:

    I’m glad you enjoy the classical busking. It’s a great pleasure to play, of course, and when it gets a favourable ear, so much the better.
    In my opinion, the real classical music of today is more to be found in the works of, (e.g.) the Pat Metheny Group than the unbearable modern noise so often featured on Radio 3.
    I don’t oppose the use of new technology as such; the group I’ve just plugged has lots of it, but I do dislike the sense that the music- makers start with the knobs and buttons and software, inventing their sound as they go along, rather than sitting down and composing a tune, and then seeing how the tech. can help put it across.
    I’d also firmly contend that a great deal of what’s called “folk” music is classical music; the ancient tunes of Ireland may be different in flavour from those of Germany, Italy, England, France, but they are of the same amazing potency. Not only Ireland, but all Celtia; the Symphonie Celtique of Breton harpist Alan Stivell is highly recommended.
    \ (for brevity, will stop here)

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