The Stoning of Soraya M

I saw the film The Stoning of Soraya M on Saturday.
It is currently running at the ICA. It was, I believe, released in the USA last

I think it must have been done in sequence because
at the beginning some of the acting & direction were all over the place. The
acting in particular was very amateurish at times. But by the end both were
good. It was extremely graphic & shocking. The woman was actually showed
being stoned. Her father threw the first stone (the first…the symbolism of
that in Christianity…) Even her sons joined in & threw stones at her. In
fact she was completely innocent of what she was accused but to me that is not
the point. Stoning is wrong anyway, in fact the death penalty is wrong,
adultery should not be a crime.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had failed to
stay to the end of the film. But I did. The truth is I feel the need to know
the truth of what it is all about. The so-called Islamic Republic of Iran is
for the benefit of men to the exclusion of women. One of the best Iranian films
is the Circle which is about the lives of women.

In the film, a journalist based in France is on his
way to the border & out of the country, when his car breaks down & he
stumbles upon the village where Soraya was put to death. This is the film. The
film chronicles what happened had happened the day before & the lead-up to
the day before.

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