Global Arming

The world is full of weapons. We, the human race are or at least we should be brothers. We are all related, presumably, from the time when the only life was a single cell which came from we know not where. But we are constantly at each other’s throats. Wars are about religion territory but most of all about paranoia.

Most countries have armies to protect themselves from something. Often these armies turn their guns on civilian populations. Costa Rica doesn’t have an army & so far as I am aware hasn’t been attacked by anybody ever.

If as much time & effort was put into waging peace as into waging war, there would be no wars. Buddhist principles of non-violence would prevail.

Ok, human nature & all that. But at the very least governments should cease selling arms to other countries as a first step & then as a second step stop manufacturing them.

Governments should be bending over backwards to prevent wars & promote peace. They should be straining every sinew to this end. Trying to outdo each other to see what they could do bring about peace between nations. At the moment they are trying to outdo each other in manufacturing arms & generally having amazing armies & weapons.

Peace could come. Peace could come.

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