Tube Strike

So there is going to be another tube strike on Monday. I must confess I am not exactly sure what it is about. Cuts in staff. I am sure that almost everybody is against cuts in staff. After all, what are we talking about? 100 people or so I suppose. I don’t honestly know. In fact has it been spelled out? Millions, literally millions of people use the tube every day, with what is obviously a minimum of staff. Cost is the buzz word on everything these days. People like myself don’t pay anything on the tube, in fact not for any transport, although that may well not last forever, notwithstanding the grey vote. But I don’t understand why the tube & the trains come to that don’t make a profit. It isn’t exactly cheap to go by public transport. Cheaper than by car, I presume, so why with so many people travelling by tube does it not make a huge profit? There is much I don’t understand about capitalist economics & this is one of things I don’t understand. Trains carry hundreds of people & it costs a  lot of money to go by train & yet apparently they make a loss. What is it all about? The costs  of the train company would be wages – they don’t have much staff on the train, maintenance, well yes that probably costs a bit, diesel but what else?

I don’t understand why we have so many tube strikes. Why? Is it going to achieve anything? It is on a different day each time. So it is all the more of hammer blow if you have planned something important or special if the strike on the day of the event. Which we have on Monday. We are showing the trailer for the Atom Bomb Game which we have planned for some weeks. The grief it causes to those of us who rely on public transport most of the time is just enormous especially in this cold weather. Queuing up for a bus can be quite grim at the best of times but when there are strikes it is sometimes just not possible to get on the bus because when it eventually comes it tends to be full to capacity.

And what is happening to public transport in general & the tubes in particular? At least once a week, my journey comes to an abrupt halt because of trains being cancelled, entire lines being cancelled, tube stations being shut down for no discernable reason. Yesterday evening for some reason, no tube trains were running from Liverpool Street station.

At weekends it is almost impossible to travel around on public transport. The Jubilee Line for example hardly ever runs at weekends & this has been going on for years. My MP, the estimable Sarah Teather persuaded TFL that the Metropolitan Line trains would stop at Willesden Green when there was no Jubilee Line running. But the problem is that that bit of the Metropolitan Line hardly ever runs at weekends either. This has been going on for years. I just don’t know what visitors to London think about our public transport system.

When I crank myself sufficiently I cycle. I would recommend cycling to anyone….

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