Wiki Leaks

I wish to say something about the leaks.

I am not in favour of them. I think they make an unstable world even more unstable.

With climate change, the financial meltdown & proliferation of various lethal weapons, discretion is the better part of valour. As it often is. Of course it is interesting & alarming to learn that for example Saudi Arabia is in favour of bombing Iran. But once it is out in the open, the rulers of that country might become more unpredictable & less trusting. Hypocrisy is what makes the world go round. It always has been unfortunately whether we like it or not. There is much I don’t like about the World. Corruption, violence, war etc. But making rulers look stupid & embarrassing them is not the way to remedy it.

It is truly shocking that for example the USA had it in mind to frame Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations secretary general. But most people will not when they think about it find it surprising. The United States is a corrupt & unscrupulous country who care nothing for the lives of non-Americans & a lot of the time not a lot for their own citizens. The headquarters of the United Nations is in New York. But the Americans seem to hold the organisation in contempt. Others of the leaks are truly shocking as well & it appears there are literally thousands of them.

I wish these leaks had not taken place.

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