Shahla Jahed

A lady called Shahla Jahed was hanged in Tehran earlier on this week. A shameful episode. Apparently she had been a so-called temporary wife of an international footballer & killed one of his 4 non-temporary wives. A temporary wife is a mistress.   In Iran a woman has no civil rights. A woman’s word is generally not believed. A man can say what he likes & more than likely he will be believed.

A man is allowed to have 4 wives & countless temporary wives – temporary wives being mistresses. If a woman is raped it is she who is punished rather than the perpetrators.

It doesn’t seem very likely to me. Why just one wife? Why not all of them? As she said, “I’ll confess to anything. I will even confess to killing people who are still alive.”

So, they have killed her. I daresay the evil old men with beards are satisfied with a good day’s work well done.

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