World Cup bid

Can someone explain to me why England should want the World Cup? It’s bad enough having the Olympics. Yawn yawn yawn. What advantage is it to the UK, except that the World Cup unlike the Olympics, could show a profit. There are two big arguments that I can think of for not holding it here.

The first is that most people, more than 90% I would think, actually watch the World Cup on television. Very often in the pub. So it makes not a jot of difference where it is held.

The second is that with climate change it may well turn out to be impossible to stage the World Cup here or anywhere else. The World Cup, ideally would be held on the moon with no television, radio or press coverage. Apart from anything else the climate on the moon has been stable for more than a billion years.

In 1966, the rules were so blatantly bent in favour of England that the cup might as well have just been given to England without a ball being kicked.

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