Tony Blair

We hear much about corruption in the continent of Africa & in other parts of the World. But what about the way Tony Blair the ex prime minister, a man whose name will forever live in infamy, has feathered his own nest. Who would have thought that a labour prime minister the leader of the party that is at least in theory socialist would make it his life’s work to make millions for himself. I am not sure what has happened to the ideals, the ideals of the democratic socialism that is. Apparently to be rich is necessarily wonderful Many people regard Blair as an enemy of the people & it is hard to dispute this. He seems to spend his time in America & Israel which figures. He has houses all over the place, Quite where did all his money come from?. The details of his expenses when in Parliament have been destroyed otherwise it could well be that he would be in court over them. Being prime minister came a poor second choice for him after he had failed to make it as a pop star. Tony Blair fooled us all. New Labour, old labour, for him it was all the same; just a vehicle for him to become prime minister & then use that position to make money. Socialism? Tony Blair? You must be joking. What did he want for the country. He seemed to be sold on the idea of permanent militarism. In this day & age. The world is better off without Saddam Hussein. I doubt if anybody would deny this. But Blair digs himself into a hole with every act he perpetuates war & disharmony. The man is lowlife.

There is corruption in Africa. In Europe there is corruption but it is called commission. Middle men, men looking to grease their own palms. In Eastern & Central Europe, the so-called nomenclature became the capitalists. In South America, the drug barons are the capitalists.

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