Elections & environmental catastrophes

Elections are irrelevant. In the end the planet is likely – certain really – to be overwhelmed by environmental catastrophes. Climate change is exponential. The flooding in various parts of the World, drought in Russia, landslides, mudslides, the breaking up of the ice caps etc, will be many times worse in the years ahead.

Probably doing something about climate change is impossible in a liberal democracy. In theory the advantage of the many freedoms we enjoy in the west, freedom of speech, freedom of association etc make for better government. But the problem is that one way or the other it is leading to nothing to be done about climate change. Amazingly there are still people who profess doubt about climate change or the human race’s responsibility for it & many politicians seem to be afraid to do anything about it because of these people. All 3 parties are so desperate for power that they would go into coalition with anybody to achieve it. Of course it is much too late now to do anything about climate change. The catastrophes in the years ahead don’t bear thinking about

Last night’s Oldham East & Saddleworth byelection was predictably won by Labour. Opposition parties normally do well in byelections. The election was called because of an entirely spurious objection to the result of the last election in Oldham East & Saddleworth by the Lib Dems which was upheld by the judiciary which normally rules in favour of the Conservatives or at least against Labour. And the Lib Dems did worse in last night’s byelection than at the general election last May.

Labour left the public finances in a mess mainly because of Gordon Brown’s reckless period as Chancellor of the Exchequer, although the worldwide financial crisis was only in part the fault of Gordon Brown or the labour government. If any government is responsible for it, then it is the Thatcher Reagan axis which recklessly deregulated financial institutions, banks & mortgage lenders & so on. Quite why anyone should have that much faith in capitalism, I don’t really know. But we are where we are. We live in a capitalist world where money is the main measure of most things & something had to be done about the deficit.

The Conservatives are the party of big business. If it were possible for them for example to abolish free health & education for the poor I am sure they would. Why would anybody join the Conservative Party if these were not their ideals?

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