It is just over a year since the catastrophe in Haiti. The earthquake which completely shattered the island. Or at least the human habitation on it.

A year on, things don’t seem much better. In fact they seem worse. Now they have to contend with cholera & no doubt other diseases not there before. Chaos & anarchy seem to be prevalent.

When one of the poorest countries in the World, Haiti, which had suffered inter alia from bad & corrupt government for decades suffered a catastrophic earthquake a year ago, it was an opportunity for the countries of the West, the generally rich countries in the world to work together to make Haiti the New Jerusalem. It could have presaged so much. It could have been the start of a new era of cooperation & love in the world. An example of the way things could & should be.  Haiti will rise from the ashes & become something again. But what & how long will it take? It could take a couple of decades & then only be what it was before the earthquake. Up until now, big corporations have seen Haiti as a source of cheap labour & nothing more. Now they don’t even see them as that. Big organisations like Oxfam & some churches have pitched in & helped somewhat but one wonders at their motives.

The Haitian tragedy was an opportunity which has been wasted.

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