Iran; human rights & the nuclear issue.

All we ever hear about with Iran is the nuclear problem. As if no one else ever has developed a nuclear capability. But what about the human rights situation in Iran. Doesn’t this matter? They hanged 2 people the other day for taking part in & disseminating information about the anti government demos that followed Ahmadinejad’s re-election. Iran is executing more than one a person a day. In the name of religion I suppose. We in the west can hardly complain about this. After all the Catholic church up until relatively recently used to burn people alive. But it does matter. The people of Iran deserve more support in their struggle for human rights taken for granted in most of the World.

In fact many countries in the World have nuclear weapons including Israel the only country in the Middle East which poses a threat to anyone. Why all this fuss about Iran which whatever anyone may say is years away from developing nuclear weapons & probably never would anyway? It isn’t easy developing nuclear weapons & many states have failed to do so in spite of trying, most of all Iraq under Saddam Hussein. It isn’t cheap developing these weapons & climate change of which the United States is easily the main offender in the world is a far bigger problem. In fact every other problem, economic & everything else is as nothing compared with climate change. The United States signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty & promised to abolish its own nuclear weapons. Ha ha.

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