Time is a man made construct. If there is or ever has been something before time started what was it? All things in heaven & earth will pass away apparently. But why? The earth will end but not for a billion years or so & certainly not in the immediate future. At about the time that the black death ran its course, it seemed to people that the World was about to end. But then the disease retreated & never came back so virulently.

People are much exercised about the subject of ageing. It is true that all living creatures including man die. I have noticed on the internet pieces about signs of ageing, some of which do apply to me, wrinkles on the hands, prominent veins, age spots, no doubt my eyes are some indication of my age. But it’s nothing to worry about. It is the natural order of things.

The important things about growing old are not a few wrinkles here or the occasional ageing spot there. What matters is if your mind goes, if your memory reduces to almost nothing if you no longer recognise people. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, other diseases, lung disease, heart disease, breathlessness after a small amount of exercise, fading eyesight etc.This is an unfortunate part of ageing but it comes to us in the end. Fight against it with a good diet, meditation, some exercise etc but don’t try to remedy wrinkles by plastic surgery or Botox.

Ageing isn’t a crime, at least not yet. Don’t worry about it. Accept it. All creatures pass away, if not the planet. The planet will go on anyway so will the human race for the time being at least.

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