Something about myself

I am 65 next birthday, at the end of this month. I was born on the same day in the same city, Edinburgh, as the late Robin Cook the politician. I look old but I don’t feel old. Maybe 65 is old, maybe it isn’t.

It behoves me to say something about myself. When I was 20, I never thought that I would reach the age of 65 & still be in perfect health. Apart from my eyes which are rubbish & always have been there is in fact nothing wrong with my health. Even the bits of arthritis that I have had from time to time have cleared up.

I am a vegetarian & have been for several decades. Mainly I eat raw vegetables, organic vegetables that is. I eat to live. Hippocrates said let food be your medicine & medicine your food. Which I go along with. I take the view that illnesses are self inflicted. I don’t smoke, have never taken drugs & drink in moderation. Both my parents died of cancer. I am obsessed with right diet. I am also interested in animal rights issues & am against vivisection.

Mainly I am concerned with human rights. Really what else is there? The problems of climate change are so overwhelming that one individual’s puny efforts are as nothing compared with the problems & the weight of apathy about the problem & sheer antipathy to doing anything about it & hostility to those of us concerned & worried about the issue & campaigning to have something done about it. How can anybody be happy when there is so much suffering in the World?

I support the Palestinians. At one time I was a member of CND. Although not a paid-up member these days, I still believe in everything they stand for. I have been a volunteer at one of Her Majesties Prisons helping to run a chess club. Believe me prisons are not holiday camps. I was shocked by the despair & waste of lives inside & grateful each week after an hour or so that me, I was going home. I believe chess has many lessons which are applicable to life. For example giving up one advantage to gain another. Planning & thinking ahead. Winning with grace, losing with dignity.

I have been very religious in my life but in the end I had to admit that it wasn’t true. If there is a God he is invisible & never does anything & isn’t needed as an explanation for anything.

Myself, I lead an ok life. I still cycle, I still play chess but these days I prefer to play the ancient game Go. I listen to early music mainly the music of JS Bach. I am a Monteverdi freak. I love renaissance polyphony & much else.

I am a writer & a filmmaker. I write fiction but prefer to read non-fiction.

I am a director of InFactuation Productions where my job title is producer..

This is our website

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