Iran demonstrations

So what is going on in Iran? It does seem the authorities were better prepared this time. It does seem that they are determined upon a crackdown. There was so much tear gas let off in Tehran yesterday that it was almost impossible to breathe & dozens of people were arrested. At least one person was killed. Probably they have successfully intimidated the population, the people, to desist from protesting. They must be afraid of the people. When a régime cracks down like this they become like a foreign army, an occupying force. They become oppressors clinging onto power at all costs.

It doesn’t mean the people will succeed. There are many examples of the people coming out into the street & the action not succeeding. Pictures of Khomeini & Khamenei have been burned in the street, something unheard of until recently. The people are emboldened but should be careful. If they don’t succeed the forces of repression will exact a terrible revenge.

There are protests & demonstrations going on all over the Middle East. It is impossible to predict the outcome, eventual or in the near future.

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