My 65th birthday

So it is my 65th birthday. It is about 12.30pm. I feel like saying enough is enough. It is one of those, is that all it is? occasions. My 13th birthday was of some significance. Since then I did celebrate in different ways my 30th, 40th & 50th birthdays to varying degrees. But birthdays are like so much else in man-made society. Actually of no significance The last significant birthday I had was my 13th. Since then each birthday has diminished in importance. I am aware that to some people, birthdays are a big deal but to me they are not, at least not any more.

It was like all the millennium celebrations. What was that all about? If the peoples & nations of the World had used the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, stop arms trading, cut down on CO2 emissions, cease all violent & general nastiness towards fellow human beings & other living creatures etc etc

But nothing like that is likely to happen is it? Events only have significance if they do or are likely to lead to change. Peace treaties, declarations of war, elections sometimes, coup d’état even. Mostly change leads either in the long run or the short run to something worse.

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