Arming Libya

So the Americans are it is reported, trying to persuade Saudi Arabia to send arms into Libya to support the rebels there. I don’t know what it is with them (the Americans.) This is what they did in Afghanistan. They poured arms into the country to help the Mujahedeen in their struggle against The Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union, whatever their manifold faults may have been, had modernised the country. They had built, hospitals, schools, universities, women were emancipated. The Americans on the basis of my enemy’s enemy is my friend, poured arms & military aid into the country & Afghanistan has never recovered. It would be surprising if Saudi Arabia agreed to do this. Apart from anything else, the ruling clique has no interest in the collapse of a fellow dictatorship in the Arab World. This would really upset the apple cart – for them – possibly. It might put pressure on the ruling royal family with all its privileges & absolute power to reform. The struggle for power in Libya has the potential to be a full scale civil war. It is difficult if not impossible to predict what the outcome is likely to be but pouring arms into the country is likely to be catastrophic. We, in the West, for better or worse, will just have to bite the bullet & await the outcome.

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