Guantanamo Bay & President Obama

So President Obama has decided against closing down Guantanamo Bay. Obama has been a big disappointment. He has spent his entire presidency playing to the gallery. It has been a dismal effort on his part. Obama had the chance to do something. He had majorities all over the place. Of course he is up against a bigoted & reactionary establishment. Like so many countries in the West, the electorate don’t in fact elect the people who rule the country. The people who rule the country are on the whole people with money, the main people in big corporations, judges, civil servants, generals & admirals, newspaper proprietors, leaders of organised crime – Mafiosi. The elected representatives are just pawns, they are spokesmen for the establishment, the people who really rule the country. There have been exceptions. Obama getting through his mild health reforms did achieve something, but we just know that it will be overturned in the end. There is no doubt that both Clement Attlee & Margaret Thatcher were UK prime ministers who did actually change things, in America Lyndon Johnson possibly did. He was undone by Vietnam but if it hadn’t been for the Vietnam war, he might have gone down as a great president because of his social reforms, his attack upon poverty in the USA. The changes of these leaders were not necessarily for the better but they did break the wall put up by civil servants & so on.

Nevertheless it just so disappointing that Obama has turned to be such a damp squib. He has done so many reactionary & wrong things. He started off with some sort of military action in Pakistan killing several people. We all know how the US would react if a foreign power set foot on their territory in order to carry out some nefarious military action, a mission as Americans like to term their murderous activities.

Guantanamo Bay is just the latest & worst outrage of his presidency. In fact the fact that the United States have held onto Guantanamo Bay is an outrage against international decency. It may, technically, not be against international law…who knows – these things are a matter of interpretation. But then to set it up as a concentration camp must surely contravene international law. Apart from anything else apparently the inmates have been water boarded. I am not quite sure what that is. But I believe that it means that in some way prisoners are led to believe that they are about to die, death by drowning I believe unless they give their interrogators information. Obama promised to close down the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.. Human Rights activists opined that he was different. He is not. Not only has he not closed it down, not released the inmates but has started putting the inmates on trial. The prisoners in Guantanamo are in fact prisoners of war scooped up by the Americans after they had invaded Afghanistan. The fuss he made about the oil spillage with BP in the Gulf of Mexico contrasts unfavourably with his silence about the far greater damage done to Ecuador by the Chevron / Texaco oil company. He has put more troops into Afghanistan, goodness knows why. And has continued along the same lines in the Middle East, allowing Israel to continue its construction on the occupied territories & being caught out by the uprisings in Libya & Egypt. He is full of empty rhetoric.

It is unlikely that he will be the Democrat candidate at the next election. He is a lame duck president who missed lots of opportunities for the sake of instant popularity.

The sooner we see the back of him the better.

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