It is difficult to know which is worse, the Tsunami in Japan or the man-made disaster in Libya. Before anybody knew much about tectonic plates & so on, events like this must have been completely impossible to understand except in terms of divine retribution. This Tsunami is so great that apparently it is likely to spread to South America & Australia.

It has been suggested that the large Hadron Collider has caused earthquakes. I am not a scientist but it does seem to me to be possible. Scientists have not just denied it but have totally rubbished the theory but then they would wouldn’t they? – there are so many research grants riding on the project. Scientists can apparently tell us how the universe began but are unable to predict earthquakes. There is definitely something of the mad scientist about the breed. If they really believe that re-creating the big bang has no effect beyond the immediate vicinity of the tunnel, they should be in the madhouse. If the increase in earthquakes becomes exponential, will they then admit that there could be a connection?

It was Japan which suffered the first Hydrogen Bomb, the only country so far to have had this terrible weapon dropped upon them & Japan also suffers from a multitude of earthquakes.

Wars are ridiculous & avoidable. A natural disaster such as the earthquake & tsunami in the Pacific Ocean, spreading over several countries & continents, is a reminder of what can happen without man’s intervention. It is lesson not to add to the woes of the World.

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