I’m back

I’m back readers. I have spent the last week or so in Holland. I returned on Wednesday. I just knew there would be a problem on the train this end. There nearly always is. The train from Harwich left half an hour late because, or so we were told – no kidding – because the driver was still on his break.

The one drawback about Holland is that they don’t everywhere observe the non-smoking rule. At least it’s a drawback for me.

When I was in the Netherlands I spent time in Amsterdam, Utrecht & Nijmegen. I visited friends, went to the Concertgebouw for a really wonderful concert of music by Monteverdi & Bach. I went to the Van Gogh museum where in the basement there was a fantastic exhibition of the early works of Picasso when his art was still representational. In particular there was a painting of a Japanese woman dressed in green; she was dancing. Picasso was allowed inside a woman’s prison. He was a man of compassion, concerned with the lot of the poor & oppressed. He painted a woman alone in her cell with just a slim sliver of light coming from over her shoulder. She was dressed in a light blue uniform. She was sitting & bending forwards. It was just so moving.

I did much else besides.

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