Cancer, I am returning to the subject of cancer. It is all around us. But it is avoidable. On the whole it is. I just don’t believe it is unavoidable. Every day we read about new cases of cancer in celebrities & frequently we hear about friends, relatives & people we are vaguely connected to finding they have cancer. Vaclav Havel, the hippy ex-President of the Czech Republic has cancer. Cancer is within us. It is waiting to be strike inside vulnerable bodies. People create bodies for themselves which are just right for cancer cells to develop. Smoking, taking recreational drugs, excessive alcohol, wrong foods, lack of exercise. They are the recipes for both cancer & many other diseases.

There is an answer. And it is right diet, exercise & the mind – whether this be through meditation, harmonious relationships, listening to music, laughter etc, enjoying the weather, anything which soothes the savage breast. People bring cancer & other diseases upon themselves & then expect doctors to repair them as though their bodies were cars or leaking pipes or computers or broken furniture or clocks or windows. But the body is not like that. It is a delicate balance which when upset is almost impossible to put right.

Tasty food is addictive, it is usually tasty because it contains additives, chemicals which are bad for you. Eat to live, rather than live, let food be your medicine & medicine be your food. I mainly eat raw vegetables. I am not claiming that such food is yummy. People say to me oh I couldn’t do that. People also say to me that they couldn’t do without meat. People say you have to eat fish because it has something called omega 3. I don’t know what omega 3 is but I do know there are other ways of eating it besides fish. They say that protein is only found in  meat & dairy products. But that is not true either. For example there is in cabbage, plenty of protein but it disappears when it is over-cooked. This is true of many other vegetables, maybe all vegetables.

I may not eat all that chemically infused delicious food but as a result of my diet I lead a happier life. Apart from anything else, raw vegetables are the most amazing mood enhancer there is. I am 65 & there is nothing wrong with my health. Luck doesn’t have much to do with it. It is mainly down to diet & exercise.

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