The BBC World Service

The closing down, by the BBC World Service, of the Russian service, the Caribbean service, The African service, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish for Cuba, the Vietnamese service & all the other services etc are reckless & shameful. If there is one institution which has the means to further peace in the World it is the much respected & loved BBC World Service. If there is one institution this country (UK) has the right to feel proud of, it is the World Service. The amount of money it costs the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (for it is they who fund it) is miniscule compared with for example the cruise missiles bombing Libya which cost about a million US dollars each. Peace benefits everybody, not just the perpetrators. The Arms Trade which all UK governments are so addicted to make the World a more dangerous place. When  weapons of war are manufactured & then sold they are being bought so that they can be used, often to oppress the people the governments, often dictatorships, have hegemony over. Often they are bought to wage war against their neighbours. It beggars belief. Many beleaguered & oppressed peoples have found succour & information through the BBC World Service including the Soviet Union & its satellites & Hitler’s Germany. It would be no end of trouble to start it up again. It will be missed by peoples all over the World. We live in an unstable world where lies & deception often predominate, still. The World will become more unstable & the UK will be respected less.

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