Covered heads

Covered heads. Much debate about whether to allow women to cover their heads in public.

An interesting case from Volendam a resort in Holland

in which a muslim girl got into trouble for wearing a headscarf at a Catholic school.

When I was at school zillions of years ago, nobody would have been allowed to step out of line in any way, let alone wear different clothes from those allowed. I regard that as ridiculous. Ok, so children at schools have to conform to a great extent otherwise it is bound to distract from what they’re there for, namely to learn.

Surely people should be allowed to wear they like. Surely the clothes you wear are a matter of choice. Personally I don’t believe that any men over the age of 35 should wear baseball caps, jeans or trainers. I don’t understand the fashion for wearing jeans, baseball caps or trainers. I particularly think people look ridiculous wearing baseball caps & that they serve no purpose, except that they do protect bald heads from the sun. I don’t wear T-shirts nor anything else without sleeves myself. Indeed I feel half naked without sleeves.

Lots of people cover their heads, not just muslim women. If the point is that muslim women are forced to wear the black garb known as the hijab or even the burkha, that is a different issue. The issue then is how far the state is able to regulate private life & how far it is desirable. A person is not allowed to assault his / her spouse / partner already. There must be lots of occasions when muslim men force their wives to dress in a way she doesn’t want to. The truth is that this is probably something the state can do nothing about. It doesn’t look attractive. But so far as I know it isn’t yet compulsory to look beautiful. The way things are going I can well imagine that at some point in the future, there will be beauty police, who will take away uglies like me. But it, assuredly, hasn’t happened yet.

It should be a matter of personal choice. Just as it is a matter of personal choice as to what anybody else wears. Personally I like to wear a big woolly hat, mainly because that is where I keep my brain & I like to keep it warm; I never know when I might need it. But I am sure it doesn’t make me look more beautiful.

The clothes people wear are to do with social anthropology. I always find the difference in the way men & women dress interesting. After all in most ways men & women these days, in most of the World, lead similar lives. Women often do dress so differently from men. Women tend to preen themselves more than men & wear lots of war paint – I mean makeup. Even on the tube you sometimes see them carefully doing things to their faces whilst looking into little mirrors; it must be bad for their skin. Women often show so much more flesh than men or in the case of muslims, almost none.

If women are stopped from wearing what they want, where will it end? Will it end with women not being allowed to wear anything at all? – only joking.

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