Climate Change

When the first man chopped down the first tree he cannot have imagined that one day there would be no trees left. Little by little the planet has been denuded & degraded by the human race. Man’s habitation of the planet has been a disaster for the other species with whom we share it. Planet Earth is just as much their home as ours.

The question is, is there anything to be done about climate change? Presumably it is all too late. Climate change deniers are still thick on the ground. Their arguments make no sense to me. On the one hand they say that climate change isn’t true, then they say, it is but it isn’t the fault of the human race, then they say it is the fault of the human race but that it doesn’t matter. Presumably what is going on is that they are so afraid of having to change their lifestyle that to admit to climate change would be too much.

Measures like alternative energy, more energy efficient devices, recycling, electric cars, planting of trees, cycling instead of using the car, buying local food, etc. are good rather than bad. But all of these measures are tokenism, compared with the great forces of destruction that we have set off, the melting of the ice caps, rising sea levels, drought in some parts of the world, flooding in other parts. The worst offenders are the United States & they are also the greatest climate change deniers. I suppose it figures that the one goes with the other. In the end it will be them who will suffer the most because there is just so much more C02 in the atmosphere above the country. In 20 years from now, the United States of America won’t exist, the area that is now that country will be water & a series of islands.

In the meantime, it is right that we should all do what we can in terms of energy efficiency etc & to try to treat each other & the other species with love & respect.

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