Second hand

MSN has listed 10 items people would be advised to buy 2nd hand.

Not in fact for ecological reasons but because they are just as good second hand & because they are cheaper than new. It is a good list. They are cars, jewellery, furniture, books, DVDs & CDs, console games & software, sports equipment, bicycles, musical instruments, children’s toys. It makes a lot of sense. It leaves out clothes, which is a pity. You can get very nice clothes from charity shops. Cars – well the ownership & use of cars should be discouraged anyway, books. I must confess I lapse on this one. I do like the feel of new book. Library books & 2nd hand books have coffee stains over them, people write all over them. It just isn’t the same experience. I have bought second hand bicycles, furniture. In fact I have bought second hand books. Cars, I don’t drive, jewellery I don’t wear, I have bought second hand CDs. I have bought 2nd  hand vinyl from Junk shops. On one occasion a collector’s item in mint condition as they say. I have bought a guitar (when I was much younger) 2nd hand. It was a beautiful classical guitar.  I don’t play sport but if I did, for example, play tennis, I like to think I would buy the racquet second hand.

It is to do with ecology. There are lots of things that can be done for the sake of the environment apart from the normal recycling of newspapers & bottles & cans. People throw batteries into the street when they still have some juice on them. Pick them up & use them until they really are dead. There are lots of mechanical ways of living that do not use electricity. For example riding a bicycle, using a mechanical clock.

Low energy light bulbs, low energy kettles etc. There are lots of ways of saving energy, saving natural resources etc. Buying 2nd  hand saves resources. It is a good idea.

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