bin Laden

So the Americans have killed bin Laden. But they have to answer a number of questions about this. What right do they have to go into another country, not American territory & mount a military operation? By no stretch of the imagination can Pakistan be described as American territory. Why did they not take him alive? In fact it would have been quite easy to do that. They could have used a taser. But if they had taken him alive, how would they have secreted him from Pakistan? Going through a proper judicial process is more difficult; presumably they were not prepared to do that. The Americans must realise that someone will just take his place & that person, whoever he is, could be worse. In fact the leadership of El Quaida will presumably be if it isn’t now, dispersed. El Quaida is an idea more than an organisation. Admittedly an irrational & murderous idea but not an organisation in the sense that they have massed ranks of warriors or a hierarchical army. As usual the Americans haven’t thought this through. What will happen is that the Americans will be even more hated than they are now, at least in the muslim world.  The received opinion at least in the West is that the World is a better & safer place without him. But is it? After this, terrorism could easily increase. America, itself, is literally drowning because of climate change. They should concentrate on their CO2 emissions which is a more serious terrorism. It is terrorism upon the planet.

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