bin Laden (2)

The Americans didn’t even tell the Pakistanis they were carrying out the operation. They rejoice like jackals. They killed him when they could have taken him alive. They drop the corpse into the sea. They have probably unleashed upon themselves but also upon the rest of the west a barrage of terrorism. They love killing people; they must have rotted their brains by watching too many cowboy films. Violence begets violence; there is no end to it. Christianity, the religion Americans generally profess to follow, advocates principles like turning the other cheek, forgiveness, love. They want us to believe that they stand for principles of democracy & justice.

According to the logic employed by this event, the Italians would be entitled to go into America & abduct the CIA agents prosecuted in their absence & sentenced to a lengthy prison term, whom the Americans have refused to extradite.

If the Americans had a bit of nous, they would have taken bin Laden back to Afghanistan & questioned him there. Then have him suddenly appear in their own country & refuse to say how or where they had captured him. They have lots of secure prisons & they could have found a way to put him on trial. What has happened is that they have now killed someone who in all probability hadn’t had much to do with Al Qaeda for some years. After all, apparently he didn’t even have a telephone connection nor internet connection.

Dead, he can’t tell them anything. And they (the Americans) are seen throughout the World for what they are: bloodthirsty barbarians with no sense of decorum & hardly better than many of the supposed enemies they see everywhere. Before America embarked upon its “war on terror” (an absurd notion & an impossibility, declaring war on an idea,) Pakistan was relatively free of terrorism. Bush Junior forced Pakistan into an alliance with the United States & since then there have been dozens of terrorist acts, suicide bombers & so on; thousands of Pakistanis have lost their lives as a result. When Clinton was president he sent a cruise missile in the direction of bin Laden in Afghanistan but it landed in Pakistan killing several hundred villagers. Whatever Pakistan does to help America, it is never enough.

Killing bin Laden has achieved literally nothing. It has made some, maybe many, Americans feel good because their blood lust & desire for revenge has been satisfied. But it will only be temporarily satisfied. When the dust has settled, the event will have made nobody feel any better.  What now will probably happen is that there will be a complete breakdown in relations between the United States & Pakistan, Pakistan  will go into alliance with Iran, will sell them what they need to know about nuclear weapons, America will withdraw the aid it had been giving to Pakistan. The shortfall will be made up by Iran & if Gaddafi prevails, Libya, maybe Syria even, if Assad survives.. Then Iran will nuke Israel. Is this really what America wants?

The Americans are talking about their war on terror carrying on for 2 or 3 generations. I suppose they mean 50 or 60 years. Well, the United States of America isn’t going to last that long. Climate change will see to that. Climate change will put an end to the American Empire, just as disease put an end to the Roman Empire.

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