Angola Prison

Prisons are designed to keep supposed miscreants out of the way. The incredible cruelty of denying a man or woman of what we call freedom is what prison is all about.

The Louisianan State Penitentiary otherwise known as Angola Prison is in the Mississippi Delta, the area which is in the throes of being flooded.

Angola Prison is an incredible prison complex housing 5,000 prisoners & covers an enormous area. There is much unpaid work done there. It has a multiplicity of industries & other work done there. Although there do seem to be attempts to educate & rehabilitate prisoners, it sounds like a grim institution.

This is the Wikipedia link

Most of the inmates are black, many are executed. It was apparently named Angola prison because the best slaves came from Angola.

I read on Wikipedia that it has been called a slave camp by James Ridgeway of the campaigning magazine Mother Jones. In 1998  Peter Applebome  of the New York Times (I quote from Wikipedia) said “it’s impossible to visit the place & not feel that a prisoner could disappear off the face of the earth & no one would ever know or care.”

Because of the flooding most of the prisoners have been moved to various other prisons but some have been kept on “to fill sandbags for residents to use to protect their property…”  (Huffington Post.)

Slavery is alive & well & not just in Africa & Europe. In Europe it is the sex trade which is just as evil. In other parts of the world, it is as unpaid labour, where the labourer has no value other than the work he can produce & the slave has no rights. In the year 2011 slavery has still not been abolished. It is about time that this relic of less enlightened times was abolished once & for all.

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