Poisonous mushrooms

I bought some poisonous mushrooms on Saturday from a stall at the Oval farmers market. Well, I expect they are poisonous. Vivaldi went to work for the emperor in Vienna (emperor of what I am not sure but am sure it involved some kind of serfdom & generally treating peasants who actually did the work & produced the food he ate in the empire as not quite people) but then almost as soon as he (Vivaldi) arrived in Vienna, the emperor ate a plate of poisonous mushrooms & died. He shouldn’t have ate so many. If he had had just a small amount he would have been alright. I eat them raw but only small amounts at a time, together with all the other vegetables I eat raw. After buying these interesting mushrooms, I always make a point of being specially careful for the next week, when doing things like crossing the road, just in case I have an accident & die & the person I have bought them from thinks that I haven’t reappeared because I have died from eating his mushrooms. Actually I don’t listen & I no longer say anything when I am told how to cook them blah blah & I no longer explain that in fact I eat them raw & I no longer listen when I am given dire warnings of what may happen to me if I do & I no longer argue my case. I have done this too many times to be of any interest, at least to me. I have been eating raw vegetables as my main diet, dear readers, since the mid eighties & at present, touch wood, apart from the fact that my eyesight isn’t very good & I have to wear glasses, there is nothing wrong with my health. I have no arthritis nor joint problems of any kind. I ascribe this to my diet. I have had to wear glasses since I was 5, so I don’t suppose that even diet would remedy that.

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