America & climate change

Arianna Huffington does still seem to have something to do with the Huffington Post which she has sold to AOL. She seems to write editorials. She has written a little piece about Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The gist of what she says is that for him the fault lies in himself not in his stars. Whether or not bin Laden is alive or dead, whether Strauss-Kahn is in an American prison or in France a free man in fact in the big scheme of things doesn’t make any difference.

Talk about removing the beam from your own eye. Americans see enemies everywhere. With Americans it is always someone else’s fault. After 2 buildings fell down in 2001, America declared war on 2 countries & the so-called war on terror began, culminating I suppose, in the killing of bin Laden in the last week or 2. Since 2001 hundreds of thousands of non-Americans have died as a result of Americans’ military adventures. When bin Laden died there was much rejoicing in America.

All the time, the real issue was the environmental one. Over the years, especially over the last decade, environmental disasters over the World & in America in particular have been increasing. But Americans have refused to admit that the causes of climate change were man made, especially American made. The fault lies elsewhere again, not in our stars.  America has plagued the World with its CO2 emissions but has to a certain extent managed to deny the existence of climate change & because it is so rich has managed by technology to somewhat mitigate the effects. The volcanic eruptions in Iceland are almost certainly due to ice melting at the foot of the volcano which is obviously caused by global warming. On American news websites, in the comments underneath the stories, there is much derision about the theory of global warming & the comments are especially shrill about any suggestion that the Icelandic eruptions are caused by global warming. Environmental disasters due to erratic weather are now coming thick & fast in America as well as the rest of the World. Indeed in a sense they are exponential. In America environmental disasters are likely to be catastrophically worse than anywhere else because the CO2 stuck in the atmosphere above the country is so much greater than anywhere else. So-called natural disasters are caused mainly by the United States’ CO2 emissions. But even now when you look at the comments underneath the stories on, for example the Huffington Post, about the recent tornado, which by all accounts has caused several hundred deaths, the vast majority of the writers of these comments resolutely deny that man made climate change has anything to do it.

I have always thought it would take about 20 years until the United States of America was completely or almost completely submerged. But the way events are unfolding my guess is that it will be considerably less time than that. Global warming has caught up with America in a big way. My guess is Obama will turn out to be the penultimate president of the USA. The next president will see the complete demise of the United States & the Pacific Ocean & the Atlantic Ocean meeting & becoming one.

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