Alzheimers is a mystery. Why is it intelligent people who have lead productive lives, usually involving the use of the brain suddenly find that they are no longer able to do. Or are they? How do we know what it is that is going inside their heads when they say completely nonsensical things. Alzheimers sufferers become the butt of jokes. It is bad that we mock those so afflicted  It is a very nasty form of Shadenfreude. People, on the whole didn’t live so long as they do these days. In  sense it is quite a recent disease, people are living longer. Cancer & Alzheimers are on the increase.  Is it a disease, is it no more than the aging process. It is part of the process of ageing.

Alzheimers is a disease of the mind. It is not understood by modern man. Sufferers of Alzheimers seem to step over some kind of boundary into another dimension. Alzheimers sufferers don’t see the World as we do. Theirs is a World where buildings, people, symbols mean something else, usually it refers to the time when they were much younger. It is as though they have stepped into another country. It is a condition in which it is sometimes impossible for non-sufferers to understand them. But it is not as though it is a common language.  Alzheimers sufferers don’t, at least as far as I can make out communicate with each other much. Maybe they understand the condition maybe they don’t. In the early stages sufferers do seem to be able to spot that something is wrong. It is tempting but probably wrong to see it as a journey. It is tempting to believe that something profound is going on inside the head s of sufferers but probably wrong. It is probably more like if it looks like a duck & walks like a duck & quacks, it is a duck.

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