Food shortages

People do seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact but food shortages are just around the corner. During World War II agriculture was subsidised because the government was afraid & this continued up until recently. But siren calls of the free market eventually managed to do away with much of the subsides. Partly because of the EU agriculture policy, it was thought that food was a commodity like any other. It was said that because for example books & clothes weren’t subsidised why should food be subsidised.

Agriculture in the UK is in crisis but it is something which people to be blissfully unaware. Food in the uk was subsidised for decades.

The problem now isn’t an external enemy so much as the effects of climate change. And it is going to get worse, possibly exponentially.

The reckless abandonment of agriculture was a case of over confidence by an elected government, concerned only about short term politics & votes at the next election.

Things are beginning to look quite desperate. The present drought is almost certainly just the beginning of extreme dry weather. The trouble is that in the West & the UK is no exception, we have grown so used to having so much. A lot of the time it seems, that the bounty is so taken for granted that we imagine it all through our own efforts that it is us who have everything & for example Africans who have everything. I am aware that this is a simplification. Several African countries are doing very well. There is poverty in the West but it is all relative.

In the West, especially in UK, we seem to take the attitude that it isn’t going to happen. Climate change / global warming / greenhouse effect have been generally thought of as not something to worry about in the present. Since the war, the UK has been remarkably free of the trials & tribulations both in terms of natural disasters & wars. The UK has been involved in many wars around the World but with the exception of Northern Ireland they have not taken place on British territory. Eastern & Central Europe has seen the rise & the collapse of communism.

Somehow, somewhere along the line, it became received opinion that there would never be a food shortage. Just as it seems to be assumed that climate change is somewhere in the future & is not an issue which needs to be addressed yet. But the 2 issues are tied up. The planet is in crisis because of climate change. It is sometimes opined by those who should know better that there are benefits to the planet in climate change. For example, that wine can be produced in countries like the UK where this has not been possible before. Or at least not since Roman times.

But overall the result is likely to be catastrophic all over the planet. Nothing, not God, not science is likely to save us now.

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