Mood enhancers

These are some hints about depression & suicide.

First of all I do acknowledge that there are occasions when life doesn’t seem worth living. There are occasions, for example in war, when being taken prisoner would lead to something. Torture, forced labour, starvation.

On the whole thoughts of suicide are transitional, ships in the night, passing periods of extreme or even mild depression.

There are all sorts of things you can to remedy your state of mind.

1)      Write some haiku. Haiku is a 3 line Japanese poem with the syllables set. The first line 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables, the 3rd 5 syllables. There is something mysterious & mystical about writing haiku.

2)      Play a musical instrument or sing something uplifting.

3)      Carry an apple in your pocket or your bag & eat it when out & about & stressed because for example of the cold or waiting forever for a bus or because of the crowds.

4)      Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts, your ideas what you have been doing what you intend to every day.

5)      Eat a bowl of raw vegetables most days. Raw vegetables have an unbelievable mood enhancing effect apart from the fact that they are a good protection against disease, especially cancer.

6)      Do the breathing meditation. Still & concentrate on the breath at the end of your nose for minutes. Set your alarm clock for 5 minutes hence with the alarm off. The click will tell you when the 5 minutes is up. Do that twice a day. Once first thing in the morning. Once last thing before bed.

7)      Listen to some classical music.

8)      In particular listen to renaissance polyphony & the music of Bach.

9)      Walk to & from destinations wherever possible. Cycle perchance.

10)  Give up smoking – if you do smoke. Cigarettes are a depressant.

11)  Give up your television. Television is depressing.

12)  Talk to your friends on the phone.

13)  Avoid counsellors, they just want your money.

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