Cameron can’t survive

Cameron can’t survive. His position was always difficult. He isn’t a natural leader. In fact it hard to see how it came to pass that he became the leader of the Conservative Party. Like most opposition leaders he seemed completely lost. But on attaining power Cameron has seemed less like a leader than ever. He is totally out of his depth. His is a classic case of someone being promoted to his level of incompetence. Or even how to succeed in… well in this case politics without really trying, as indeed was John Major. Cameron’s refusal to allow Gordon Brown’s name to go forward as a candidate for the IMF job was pathetic.

Cameron is burdened threefold. The Conservative Party don’t like him. Many in the party wonder how it was that he came to be elected. Mostly he is considered not right wing enough. It does remind one of Mrs Thatcher, who on being elected leader of the Conservative party, said that many people in the party felt extremely let down by Edward Heath by which she meant that his government hadn’t been right wing enough.

The coalition is a ramshackle affair which could come apart at any moment.

Now he is embroiled in sleaze.

Up until now the lib dems have looked likely candidates for annihilation. But now, I am not so sure. The main beneficiaries of all this could be the lib dems, especially if at some point the coalition government is seen as a success.

When he was leader of the opposition, there seemed to be a feeling around that his privileged background, Eton & so on, didn’t matter. But I knew that it would be an issue  & it has been.

Governments have been wary of the press especially the Murdoch press. This has been true  to some extent because Murdoch claims to have so much influence. But I don’t believe it is true now. The Sun’s headline It was the Sun What Won it may have been true but these people don’t buy newspapers so much, there TV debates between the leaders & there is loads of information & opinion on the internet. Politicians should worry less about the press & trust the people more.

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