Unreliable people

Oh yuk what is it about unreliable people? People who turn up late, cancel at the last minute or even just don’t turn up. Trying to organise people is a nightmare. Dates, times. They can’t go there, they won’t go here. This is too expensive. Am doing something else that night. Am too tired. Someone is coming round with some food. There might be a tube strike. It might rain. There might be an alien invasion. There’s a full moon. I had to wash my hair. You do understand don’t you? (No, I bloody don’t; it was a definite arrangement. )

Organising anything is a nightmare. A trip down the pub seems to require a grand strategy. Can’t you do this another day? Not really but if you absolutely promise not to be late or to cancel, ok? And then you do. You have a bad back or something. We all have bad backs at some point. Can’t we go to another film, another pub, another this, another that.

There’s only one answer. Become a hermit. Never leave the house, except to buy food & go to work. Never talk to anybody. That phone call at the last minute or at least at the last hour, the 11th hour, cancelling. No, I bloody don’t understand. What you don’t seem to understand is the reason I don’t suggest you come along to the things I organise these days is that one way & another you don’t turn up anyway. You have used up your last chance but I still include you occasionally anyway just in case you have changed.

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