Barcelona etc

At the beginning of the Spanish civil war when the troops of Franco invaded Spain to overturn the legally selected republican government. A government vaguely of the left made up of socialist communists & socialists & anarchists, there was a truly cooperative society in the city of Barcelona. Society both capitalist & what can be termed Soviet socialist were run on the premise that people could only be persuaded to do good for the community through coercion or greed.

Human nature is different according to the society it lives in. There are plenty of examples of societies where people cooperate with each for the greater good of society & to preserve society. The Yequana  tribe of Venezuela. Jean Liedloff wrote about in her book The Continuum Concept. The tribe shared the upbringing of children. From birth until they could walk, babies were continually in the arms of one member for the tribe or another. When a building had to constructed, the tribe would do it together, whether it was a private dwelling place or something for the use of everybody. They would drink alcohol first to help get over the boredom of such labour. There’s was an ideal society, so long as outsiders didn’t enter & take advantage of them.

Tibetan Buddhists of Himalayan society Kanskar also had an ideal society. The land was never divided. Monks lived in houses built for them by the community. Because there were more men than women, women would have 2 husbands & in fact the husbands would never know which of the children were theirs. The husbands were usually brothers. The only time they killed animals were wolves who were  a threat to their very existence. They used to build a pit & trap the animals. Then throw stones (horribly like the stoning of women in Islamic societies I suppose)& nobody would know who had killed the animal. Which would at least to some extent make them feel less bad about killing the animal; presumably less bad karma would follow. But a road was built into Kanskar & their society was not what it was.

In Barcelona an anarchist state prevailed. True cooperation prevailed which was only smashed by the armies of Franco.

Capitalism grew organically until it became the accepted way of running society. Indeed it is tantamount to a religion. Since the collapse of capitalism, the doctrine of capitalism has become the accepted way of running societies. Only North Korea is still holding out. But recent events has shown that capitalism is deeply flawed & that almost any alternative system must have its merits.

We have to find ways of treating each other with more respect & with more love. We have to realise that having wasted thousands of years, we have to start now.

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