Collapsing capitalism

So the World economies seem to be collapsing. The markets are affected by such things as an adverse football result, a government mistake, bad weather, a prime minster being hospitalised, an election, anything. It is not a rational system. It is not a rational way to run the planet. Money should only be a symbol. But it is more than that. It is the very lifeblood of the way the World runs. We have these mad people wandering around, cigarette in the left hand, phone glued to their ear in the other hand doing we know not what deals & making piles of money for themselves & presumably the financial organisations they work for. These people are, apparently, the people who run the world. The people who actually do the work that enables society to function are blamed as feckless, lazy, stupid. In short they are to blame for the crisis. But it doesn’t matter who & who is not to blame. The planet is in the grip of this ridiculous system where money is the most important thing there is. When people say things like money can’t bring happiness, they don’t mean it. Often people say they would rather be rich but miserable than poor but happy. That is nearer the truth.

The society we live in was invented round about the time of the industrial revolution when factories were built & people worked long long hours in deadly conditions while the factory owners the mill owners raked off the profits & at the same time complained about the fecklessness of the workers in the sweat shops that they ran.

In countries like Greece, one of the complaints made against the country is that it is not competitive But it is in the nature of the system that here are winners & losers. For some reason, what countries want is to export their goods. In Rhodesia as it then was & then in Zimbabwe as it now is, much of the land is & was used for growing tobacco. If Greece started producing electronic goods for example & exporting them to say the UK, that would harm Japan’s exports. Japan in fact is undergoing a recession of giant proportions.

Marx would not have approved of the 1917 revolution because he thought that the revolution could & should come after capitalism had created some wealth & that then workers would take over the means of production. They may do that this time.

Revolution, now, is very much on the cards. Greece does have a radical history. Indeed there was a civil war which the communists lost. Don’t bet on it not succeeding this time. No doubt America will bomb & invade the country or engineer a coup (their preferred modus operandi because then they can deny all knowledge or involvement) if it does come, because Greece is a small country but if Spain & Portugal have a revolution then they (the Americans) may have to grin & bear it. I cannot believe people are going to tolerate forever being slaves to the present form of capitalism; that is to what it has evolved to.

Revolutions have been crushed in Spain, in Chile, Hungary after World War I. In Chile, Kissinger justified overthrowing Allende because he said the people had made the wrong choice.  But in Cuba the Americans for one reason & another had been unable to overcome Castro & his cohorts. But they have managed to stifle it. Life in Cuba over the past few decades has in fact for one reason & another been grim with food shortages & lack of civil liberties.

Germany has been held up as a shining example of productivity yak yak. The Elephant in the room is that during World War II, the Germans invaded & occupied Greece & wreaked devastation & havoc, killing literally millions of Greeks in the process. The Greeks cannot forgive them for this (as is the case some other countries most notably Poland) & why should they? No amount of reparations can make up for what the German nation did during World War II.

I think a revolution is possible now, just because it all went so badly in Russia & the surrounding countries doesn’t mean that it would similarly end in tears if it were tried again.

The Arab Spring is ending in tears. Bahrain is especially bad news because it really looked as it was ripe for the picking. Syria goes from bad to worse. We all look on helplessly while tanks mow innocents. But in none of the countries of North Africa or the Middle East that there is going to be much change.

There is so much hypocrisy around. Hillary Clinton (rightly) berates Al Shabab for not letting aid through in Somalia but ignores Israeli atrocities & the blocking of aid in Gaza because the USA is in hoc to Israel or maybe the other round. Whichever way round it is the 2 countries seem to be joined at the hip.

Supporters of capitalism say that the free market system & civil liberties go hand in hand. But why should it? China for example is an authoritarian state with a free market economic system. The fascist states of Franco, Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, Salazar etc where all free market states with civil liberties. May many other states are dictatorships with  a free market economic system.

What I say to the shadowy men who rule the planet is, up yours. Why should we the inhabitants of planet earth put up with this any longer?

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