Looting & rioting

There were riots in various parts of London over the weekend. These are not political. They are criminal. It is criminals who are carrying them out. We have had riots before. We do get them ever couple of decades or so. We have survived them. London in the end survived the blitz.

In many parts of the World, demos are political. They are just about the only outlet that people have for removing unelected dictators from power. But that is not the case in the UK

People who go into for example PC World & remove goods, laptops & so on are not making a political gesture. They are stealing. If they were starving people who taking food, that would be one thing; this is another. Hemingway said (or at least one of his characters on one of his books said some people wouldn’t steal even if they were starving. He didn’t approve of this I rather gathered. He is probably right.

Both the left & right get into an awful muddle over almost everything, probably including myself. We all do it. There is much to be muddled about. I dislike the capitalist system as much as anyone but in some respects it works. It is much better at producing new technology, laptops & things that make life well easier.

These thugs & criminals who steal from shops are just that, criminals & thugs. They are burning down my city.

What do they want? They don’t want political change. Most of them just want more drugs. I would bet my life that the majority of them didn’t vote in the last election.  In Europe, at any rate, change comes through the ballot box.

Burning down the houses people live achieves nothing.   In the eighties when it happened, it was a long hot summer, no doubt sparked of by something but nevertheless it was a copycat business.

London has survived much including the plague, the great fire of London, the blitz. It will survive this.

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