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As long as I can remember they have been saying the country is going to the dogs. Now it is. Now it is true. There has been increasing lawlessness & anti social behaviour over the past decades. After World War II there was very little crime. When someone was murdered, there was hunt all over the country for him. Murderers just didn’t, as a far as we were told,  get away with it. At the last count there were 15,000 murderers in prison.  I am not advocating prison necessarily. But I don’t know what I am advocating. I don’t know what the answer is.

There has been an increasing amount of lawlessness & anti social behaviour for several decades. Just after the World War II there was very little crime, for one reason & another. But there was much else wrong with society at that time. It was era when broadly speaking people knew their place There was little social mobility. There may not be all that much now. But on the whole we do live in a meritocracy. We live in the time when we are bombarded with information, images, so much mind blowing stuff. The internet & social networking sites especially. Numerous TV & radio stations. Mobile phones have changed everything.   We couldn’t go back to life as it was in the fifties.

In recent years we have been holding back the dyke. Gangsters are lauded, guns it seems are easy to come by, prisons are full to overflowing, crime does not have the social approbation it used to have.   There are so many people in prison, that in the end there will be more people in prison than not. Brazil has its favelas, we have something similar. Whatever the police & others may say it is fairly common knowledge that there are areas that are no-go areas so for the police.

The country is on the verge, on the verge of society breaking down completely. All those normal things that bind modern society together are about to disappear, if that is things continue as they are now.  It is obvious that we are in a new era when in fact many of the freedoms that we have taken for granted will disappear. Many of the things that we complain about all the time like the terrible transport service that we in London have to put up with will seem relatively unimportant. Identity cards will have to be brought in. People will be more closely monitored. Life will become somewhat as it was experienced in the socialist countries before the Soviet Union & its satellites collapsed or at least before the system collapsed.

Society is built on trust. But if people can’t be trusted to behave in a more serious & trustworthy & honest way, the freedoms we have taken for granted will be taken away from us. There is even a danger of the democracy that we have being taken away. That there will no longer be elections, that there will be just one party ruling the country & that just about the only aim of this party will be law & order & repression on a massive scale.

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