Cameron & Gaddafi

According to the BBC, the main question is where is Gaddafi? Cameron says Gaddafi should give up any claim to control Libya. Cameron, himself, seems to want to control the UK & Libya & goodness where else. He really is the most sanctimonious man. The way he goes on, you’d think that instead of being a second rate politician & a fifth rate human being who got lucky, that he was one of the great statesman of modern times. The question is where is Colonel Gaddafi is it? I think not. Events have rather passed Gaddafi by. The main question? The main question is how many more lives are going to be lost before this ridiculous war is over & peace returns to Libya. There should have been another way of getting rid of Gaddafi & I am sure it could have been achieved. With Saddam Hussein there was the complication that he had doubles all over the place & he was adept at changing venues so as to avoid being assassinated.  Saddam Hussein knew he was unpopular, I daresay he knew he was hated. But Gaddafi appears genuinely to believe that he is loved. I can’t believe it would been that difficult to capture or assassinate him – not that I am necessarily advocating killing him but it is a fact that after cutting off the head of the serpent, the serpent would have died.  As far as is possible, the rebels should go to work straightaway governing the country & setting up western style democratic institutions. In the fullness of time anarchy will become order. Chaos will become peace.  I make no apology for saying that I believe that western democracy is the best form of government that has so far been evolved by the human race. But it is not perfect. And I doubt if it would work in for example China. Because in such a big country, (population 1.3 billion) it is hard to envisage how a complete change of government could be brought about in the way that the government changes in for example the UK.

In all the countries where the so-called Arab Spring took place, what the protestors said they wanted was western style democracy. Probably a case of the grass being greener on the side but I can understand their aspirations. As Churchill said, democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others.

Cameron himself will soon be out of a job & will be little more than a footnote in history & so will Gaddafi. They will soon be forgotten & that is what they deserve.

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