Libya revolution

There is a revolution of sorts in Libya. A revolution is a rebellion which succeeds. But what exactly has been going in Libya is far from clear.

Already the rebels are claiming they did it all by themselves. Such myths don’t take long to gain a foothold. Peoples, collective peoples, always like to think they were more heroic than actually they were. There are just so many examples of this in history & not just recent history. There are too many examples & I am not going to list any of them. In this case, when some SAS men landed in the desert some months ago, they were immediately arrested. They had landed ostensibly to make contact with the rebel leaders in Benghazi. The rebels continuously said that they could do it themselves & no they are saying that they did do it themselves.  If the SAS had gone to Tripoli & either killed or (preferably) taken Gaddafi prisoner, then all those lives would have been saved & to be honest, it would have saved a great deal of money

I notice President Obama has given his blessing. This is the man who promised to close down the Guantanamo Bay prison camp within a year. Almost 3 years later, it is still there.

It is worrying. The rebels have paid lip service to democracy. But when democracy fails to deliver utopia by tomorrow lunchtime…what then?

Outside Europe & North America, democracy has had a rocky road. There are pocket of democracy. South America is mostly democratic now. Of course India has been democratic with the exception of one small period when Mrs Ghandi declared a state of emergency.

NATO seems to want take all the credit for this revolution. The rebels are saying that they did it all by themselves. It is reminiscent in way of the capture of Saigon (no Ho Chi Minh City) all those years ago. It didn’t take long for that revolution to end in tears & for the government in Hanoi to follow a capitalist path.

Gaddafi seems to be holed up in his compound. I have no idea what his compound entails but he seems to have lost control of the situation. What they should is leave him, surround the place with tanks & forget about him. He will give himself up in the end. After the battle of Kharkov in 1943 & the Soviet army had advanced over the River Dnieper further into Ukraine, the Germans were holed up. The Red Army surrounded them & left there & themselves advanced further into Poland & thence Germany. Eventually the Germans tried to break out – unsuccessfully. This is what the Libyan rebels should do to Gaddafi.

Whatever happens now, Libya has at least managed to rid itself of Gaddafi. The problem now is that there could be no coherent government & a state of anarchy could prevail.

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