I will be going to the Netherlands tomorrow. It is like a second home. I first went to Amsterdam in the early 70s. It is like a second home. I have loads of friends there. The drugs thing is much overplayed. I have never smoked dope in my life.

The first time I went to Holland, the Vietnam war was in full flow. There were refugees from the Vietnam war living in Amsterdam, many of them. They were deserters from the American from the American army. They smoked much dope & hung out. I stayed in Utrecht. Myself I have never smoked dope. They say if you don’t remember it you weren’t here. The Paradiso was a hangout then. When was live bands, the group I saw as far as I remember was about 10 strong it had 2 drummers, guitarists, keyboards saxophones. The place was packed. I can’t remember the exact year. I suppose it was the early seventies. There were films on the walls. One was of a man being pulled from a telephone box by 2 policeman. He was saying. I want to see my lawyer. He kept going & kept being pulled out again.

The place I stayed in Utrecht is now the concert hall. Utrecht like so many other places, including London at that time was still suffering from bomb damage. These days it is super modern. But everything is on a human scale. There are no obscenely high high buildings. The only really tall building is the dome church. Majestic inside majestic outside.

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