Green Wave

I saw the film The Green Wave yesterday (the 26th of September 2011) It is about the Iranian elections in December 2009 which are generally believed to have been fraudulent.  Ahmadinejad apparently won the election. It is strange that it should have been Moussavi who was standing against him & who seemed to being hailed as the saviour. But Moussavi was president before & random arrests & imprisonment & torture occurred on a large scale when he was president.

During the election campaign it was plain that someone Ahmadinejad or Khameini, the so-called supreme leader had mobilised the forces of repression to try to intimidate the population into either not voting or voting for the incumbent. If Moussavi had won, probably not much would have changed. In fact it is doubtful if the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran has much power anyway. He seems to have to defer to Khameini most of the time.

The film was really excellent. The film-maker took over 100 blogs & amalgamated them & represented them with 2 animated characters. There was loads of footage of demonstrations, of Ahmadinejad who one must say does look rather a gentle soul, which only goes to show I suppose that appearances can deceptive.  There was footage of Moussavi at the rallies. There were extensive interviews with 3 young people who had escaped Iran & lived somewhere abroad. We weren’t told where. It could have been anywhere but presumably somewhere in Europe. We were told of unspeakable atrocities by the security forces & we saw the enthusiasm especially among young people for change. There was the footage taken, presumably, by a mobile phone of Neda Agha-Soltan being murdered.

The film is currently showing at the ICA.

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