Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox is like a fish on the end of a line.

Everybody knows she did it. But everybody knows that in an adversarial system of justice, there just a chance that some procedure may not have been followed properly & she may be released. In that case she would go back to America & crow about the crime & the trial & what a clever American she is. She probably make money from selling her story to the press or television or both.

There is a lot of politics tied up with this crime. Her family are trying to put pressure on the judiciary & influence the trial. They are behaving the way they feel. They feel that Americans are a race of supermen & everybody else is an untermenschen. In fact their actions are likely to have the opposite effect. Italians know overwhelming evidence when they see it & in this case the evidence is conclusive.

The politics is that there are 2 CIA men in America, convicted in their absence of abduction who have been sentenced in absentia to long prison sentences & who the Americans refuse to extradite. While this case remains unresolved, Italians will not feel kindly to Americans whoever they are.

In America, there are many case where is great doubt upon the guilt or otherwise of may convicted men & women. Many people, including Italian nationals, in America have been executed, including Troy Davis recently, for murders where there is great doubt about the verdict. This woman is lucky there is no death penalty. It is obvious her appeal won’t succeed. It must be obvious even to her father, a man who sees fit to lecture us on the rights & the wrongs of this case.

But how should society deal with miscreants? Is prison or execution really the right way? In this case as in many others, the criminals behaved as they did because they were under the influence of drugs. This is a big problem. It may well be that she actually doesn’t remember doing it. It may be that she is not a bad person. The old saying love the sinner hate the sin may apply. If she were to admit to her guilt & express remorse it would at least be a start. People can only be helped if they wish to be helped. It is because she is young & sexy that she has attracted so much attention & sympathy. If she were old & male & ugly, there would be none.

It is a great tragedy when Young people or indeed non young people do terrible things but….what is done cannot be undone. In spite of myself & in spite of the terrible crime she & her accomplice Raffaele Sollecito committed, I do feel  some sympathy for them.

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