Lorraine Hunt Lieberson

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson lead a colourful life. She camped in the grounds of a Mexican prison because her boyfriend was incarcerated there for drugs offences. Smuggling drugs, I should imagine.  It is a bit hard to find on the internet. I have found little hints of it in one of the obituaries. Lorraine studied violin & viola. She was in fact a viola player. She had  nice instrument. By that I mean an old & valuable instrument & one which gives endless joy really.  What happened in fact was that her viola was stolen, I believe in a burglary. She then tried her hand, her voice at singing. Which she excelled at.

The obituaries & all the other stuff on the internet about her  focus almost exclusively on her singing. A sharp contrast to pop singers etc who have their private lives dissected in extremis.

She did have a remarkable voice. I have the CD at home of her singing Bach. It is truly remarkable. She did have a lovely voice. I think I may have heard her in concert before she appended Lieberson to her name. In fact I am pretty certain this is the case.

She died of liver cancer at the at the age of 52 on the 3rd of July 2006.

There is a film to be made of her. Films have been made of people who though not necessarily lesser people were equal or about equal in merit & maybe fame.

I am thinking about the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. Ther have been at least 2 films made about Glenn Gould maybe more, the latest being Genius Within which was a wonderful film. Myself I am a huge fan of Glenn Gould. I am not suggesting that Lorraine is a better musician nor am I suggesting that she is not as good. I am simply pointing out that films about classical musicians have reached the cinema screen.

I am a filmmaker. Is there anybody out there who would like join my company InFactuation Productions in such a project?

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