The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has been refused entry into South Africa amidst much protest both inside & outside the country. But looking at it from his point of view I don’t suppose he is too bothered. After all, he knows how the World works. He should do, after several decades of being in the sights of the Chinese. He isn’t holier than thou about it he just understands the way the World works.

The Dalai Lama became the Dalai Lama several decades as a baby. It was certainly a fortuitous choice. Now that he no longer has a political role he is specially busy, globetrotting, teaching Buddhist principles & lecturing. He is an influential figure inasmuch as he is hugely popular; witness the reaction to photos on the Dalai Lama Facebook page. Within minutes of them appearing he has several thousand likes. He attracts huge crowds wherever he goes. Most places he is welcome. Everybody knows that the Chinese government has put pressure on South Africa to do this. But personally  I think Bishop Tutu has overreacted. They say that the Chinese are up to no good. Of course the Chinese are not perfect. But they are no worse than anybody else, the British for example.

Hopefully at some point in the not distant future he will be allowed to visit the country.

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