Tibetan monks

Tibetan monks have been immolating themselves. Buddhist monks did it in Vietnam during the war in the sixties & seventies.  Some Czech people including Jan Palach did it in 1968 as a protest against the Soviet invasion & hegemony of the country (Czechoslovakia.)

Killing yourself to make a point is wrong. It doesn’t change anything & a (probably) valuable human life is lost.

The Tibetan monks in the country (Tibet) achieve nothing. They are protesting against Chinese occupation of their country. But the Chinese aren’t going to take any notice of them. If the Chinese were ever planning to move out of Tibet they would have done so by now. In the hell & chaos of the Vietnam war it was understandable – just about. It isn’t an act of war like that of the kamikaze pilots of Word War 2, that is true. But they, the Tibetan monks, don’t seem to realise that the way to do it is to dowse yourself in petrol & drink a voluminous amount before setting fire to yourself otherwise like Jan Palach you will spend several days in hospital before dying. Presumably the Tibetan Monks who do this think it will be good karma, in other words that they will be reincarnated into money or power or enlightenment, instant nirvana. Or maybe there are other reasons. We, each of us, have more effect upon those we know than we realise. People miss the dead, we miss those who go away, they leave a gap, even if in the fullness of time we seem to completely forget them.

The Dalai Lama has been saying prayers for the monks who have immolated themselves. I think this is a pity. I am sure he doesn’t approve of the practice otherwise he might have done it himself & I am sure that no such thought has ever entered his head.

Please don’t do it. Your sacrifice is not worth it. I am sure that you have much to live for. As saffron robed monks, the rest of us look to you for an example. Don’t do it.

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